With its pedestrian area and the many restaurants and shops, Hauptplatz is a vibrant street at the heart of Villach.

Flats and business areas

Area available for letting: approx. 3,200 m²

  • Flats: 4
  • Retail areas: 1

The history of the house on Hauptplatz 22 can be traced back to the 18th century. In the first half of the century, the property was owned by merchant Franz Mayer. Back then, this house formed a unit with the neighbouring building. It was one of the highest-taxed properties in the city. The three-storied building housed five retail spaces, a majestic storage cellar and three stables for 25 horses. Behind the house there was a garden and a bowling alley.

From 1789, the property was owned by Paul Morocutti, who opened a coffee house on the premises. In 1862, the businessman and fig coffee producer Carl Gohn bought the house. He was not just politically active, but also a co-founder and director of the former Villach Sparkasse savings bank.

In the 20th century, the Krabath family owned the property. However, during this time, the house was mainly used by the department store Warmuth. The building was bombed during the Second World War, as was most of the square. Merely part of the arcaded courtyard dating back to the 17th century remains intact.

In 1955, the part of the building facing the square was rebuilt. The western wings of the building towards Paracelsusgasse date back to 1949 and 1955. The new build was once again tailored towards the needs of the Warmuth Business.

When IG Immobilien took over the property in 1997, it was comprehensively refurbished. The alterations were completed in 1998. The finished building is making an essential contribution to preserving the historic character of the city. Today, the property is home to 4 flats and one retail area.