We view sustainability as a central principle that expresses our high sense of responsibility towards people and the environment. This guarantees the long-term value appreciation and competitiveness of our property portfolio.

All the land and buildings for which we take responsibility are living, economic and working spaces for thousands of people. This entails a lot of responsibility. Moreover, we see sustainability not only as an important task in and around our properties, but also as a mission for society as a whole. We place a resource-conserving, socio-culturally and ecologically compatible approach at the centre of our activities, which is also economical.

Our focus is on long-term value retention and stability. In many cases, our team manages property throughout its entire life cycle. In terms of sustainability, this requires a keen vision. Our employees already bear in mind during construction or renovation that the day will come when the materials used will have to be recycled again.

What we call state of the art in sustainability today, may already be replaced tomorrow by innovations that are even more sustainable. In order to continuously question the tried and tested, to always remain curious and to be able to make future-oriented decisions, our team regularly undergoes voluntary (re)certification in the context of external certifications. These certifications also ensure that the sustainability of the entire property portfolio is optimised step by step through future-oriented investments.

Sustainability: Our certificates and standards

ÖGNI/DGNB (founding member)



Klimabündnis “Climate Alliance operation”