The way we see ourselves

We are a subsidiary of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and are therefore aware of our unique position and act with the highest degree of responsibility in all areas.

We are committed to our responsibility towards society and the environment. Our actions are always guided by sustainable ecological and ethical principles and we consider these in our decisions.

We consider ourselves experts in our fields, are proud of our achievements and appreciate the solid economic basis as well as the consistency that results from our business success.

We stand for a trusting corporate culture, which is based on professionalism, competence, team spirit and collegiality and enables an appreciative feedback and solution-oriented zero-error culture. We embrace a spirit of partnership - both internally and externally - and communicate in a binding, appreciative and respectful manner.

We cherish the tried and tested, value our roots and at the same time are open to future-oriented and innovative new ideas.

Our vision

We create spaces for living and working, for shopping and a sense of well-being, for meeting and relaxing. Spaces that are conceived and operated sustainably and economically, that are valuable for our tenants, customers, employees and our owner, and that secure a common future.

Our mission

We set the highest standards for ourselves as a full-service provider in the real estate sector in terms of professionalism, customer orientation and economic efficiency.

We rely on our professional expertise, joint experience, team spirit and high quality and solution orientation to ensure sustainable, resource-saving value creation in the management of our diverse real estate portfolio. 

We can only ever be contented when our tenants, customers, employees are satisfied like our owner, and we evaluate their satisfaction on a regular basis.

Our advantage

For the owner
We vouch for efficiency, security, reliability and transparency and thus guarantee stable income and stable value for the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

For our tenants and customers
Our position as a full-service provider with a focus on sustainable and resource-saving value creation benefits both tenants and customers.

For our employees
The broad portfolio and the different divisions of the company offer our employees a wealth of creative and development opportunities in an attractive working environment characterised by security and stability, so that they can make the best possible use of their skills and talents for themselves and the company.