Our team, as a subsidiary of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), acts responsibly in all areas. Responsibility towards society and our environment is the guiding principle for sustainable management according to the highest ecological and socio-cultural aspects.

Our team consists of experts in all areas of the company and we are proud of our joint achievements. We value the solid economic basis, as well as the consistency that results from our business success.

IG Immobilien stands for a trusting corporate culture that is based on professionalism, competence, team spirit and collegiality and facilitates an appreciative feedback and solution-oriented error culture. We live partnership internally and externally and treat ourselves and others in a binding, appreciative and respectful manner.

We cherish the tried and tested, value our roots and at the same time are open to future-oriented and innovative new ideas.

Our vision is to create spaces for living and working, for shopping and well-being, for meeting and relaxing. Spaces that are conceived and operated sustainably and economically, that are precious to our tenants, customers, employees and our owner, and that secure a common future.

In accordance with our mission as a full-service provider in the property sector, we place the highest demands on ourselves in terms of professionalism, customer orientation and cost-effectiveness.

We rely on our professional expertise, shared experience, team spirit and high quality and solution orientation to ensure sustainable, resource-saving value creation in the management of our broad property portfolio. We are only satisfied when our tenants, customers, employees and owners are satisfied, which is why we regularly evaluate their satisfaction.