When looking at the last 30 years, i.e. the period from the foundation of IG Immobilien to the present day, you will see that a lot has happened, especially when it comes to sustainability in the real estate industry. We are proud to be able to take a positive influence on the quality and competence of the real estate sector.

The biggest change that has taken place over the years is the approach to construction projects. While the one-off investment costs of constructing a building used to take top priority, these days – ideally – the entire life cycle of a property is already considered in the project planning phase.

Thanks to this long-term perspective approach, higher-quality houses are being built today, and these are not only economically and ecologically sound, but also have social quality. Which means people are a lot more likely to feel at home and comfortable in them.

As a subsidiary of the bank Oesterreichische Nationalbank, the IG Group is responsible for making a fixed annual contribution to the OeNB’s pension benefits fund. IG Immobilien therefore bears special responsibility, not only with regard to the cost-effectiveness and stability of the services it provides and the investments it makes, but also with regard to its sustainability.  For many years now, IG Immobilien has been dedicated to running a sustainable business.


IG Immobilien continually undergoes stringent certification processes and undertakes conversions and refurbishments to gradually make IG properties “greener”. These voluntary certifications underline the quality, reliability, consistency, integrity and sustainability of IG Immobilien. 

“We recognised at an early stage that nothing but a sustainable approach to investments and returns can increase the market value of our portfolio. As a long-term investor, we may have higher building costs than others due to our sustainable construction standards, but our tenants benefit from lower operating costs in the long run – and that’s very important to them,” says Hermann Klein, Manager at IG Immobilien.

ÖGNI (Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management)

As a founding member of the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management (ÖGNI), we are committed to the sustainable construction, operation and use of living spaces and to running a thoroughly sustainable business. With sustainable real estate, we want to create environmentally friendly, resource-saving, economic and social living spaces that respect the health, wellbeing and performance of their users.

In cooperation with renowned architects, we have designed and constructed numerous properties which, right from the start, have been offering “living with added value”. Throughout the building process, we have used resource-saving technologies, paid attention to energy efficiency and considered social and ethical compatibility. The high-quality properties, which we also look after and manage, stand out due to their sustainable construction, comprehensive service packages and communal facilities that can be used by all the residents at their leisure.

And tenants and owners benefit from sustainable buildings: in addition to the pleasant feeling of having made a clear statement for more environmental awareness, the running costs are also lower than for other buildings. As a long-term investor, we accept higher construction costs for sustainable construction in order to keep energy and maintenance costs permanently low. This pays off for tenants, because they benefit from cheaper and / or capped operating costs.

Building certifications (ÖGNI/DGNB, LEED, BREEAM)

Building certifications (ÖGNI/DGNB, LEED, BREEAM)

The IG Group is dedicated to delivering sustainable products and services. Proof of this are the many building certificates we have been awarded. 

More than 30 percent of our properties have already been certified by internationally recognised standards such as the ÖGNI / DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. When designing and constructing a building, it is important to anticipate its later use and even consider its recyclability.

ÖGNI/DGNB certificates:

  • Gold DGNB certificate by the ÖGNI for hotel construction Motel One in 1020 Vienna (2014)
  • Gold DGNB certificate by the ÖGNI for housing project Campus Lodge in 1020 Vienna (2014)
  • Gold DGNB certificate by the ÖGNI for housing project GARTENPARK in 2340 Mödling (2016)
  • Gold DGNB certificate by the ÖGNI for all 3 PRATER GLACIS projects (hotel, hostel and serviced apartments) in 1020 Vienna (2018)

LEED certificates:

  • Silver LEED certificate for office building Váci 33 in Budapest (2012)

BREEAM certificates:

  • BREEAM In-Use certificate for housing and office property IG Belgium Cortenbergh 52 (2013)
  • BREEAM certificate for shopping centre Rosenarcade Tulln (2014)
  • BREEAM certificate for shopping centre City Center Amstetten (2014)

Ethical business certification in accordance with the ÖGNI

As early as 2013, IG Immobilien was awarded the Certificate for Ethical Conduct by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (ÖGNI). The award is further evidence of the level of transparency and sustainability practised at IG Immobilien. The company is a trailblazer on matters such as anti-corruption and ethics in the real estate industry.  In the summer of 2016, we received a certificate for our continued commitment (recertification).

ISO 9001 und ISO 27001

The IG Immobilien Group believes that not only buildings and their use should be sustainable, but also the company itself, and everyone should act according to a certain set of values. Which is why, in 1999, IG Immobilien – as a pioneer in quality assurance – was one of the first real estate companies in Austria to implement a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. This means that even then, IG Immobilien ensured that all projects and services were conducted with all due reliability, quality and professionalism as stipulated in the work and procedure instructions of the quality management system.

In 2018, in order to meet the ever-more stringent requirements in the area of ​information security, IG Immobilien also underwent the CIS (Certification Information Security) certification process in accordance with ISO 27001. ISO 27001 is the only standard for information security in the world that can be certified and thus offers a real competitive edge. In addition to technical IT security the certificate also covers organisational, staff-related and physical aspects such as employee awareness or fire protection.