I'm flourishing

The Rosenarcade shopping centre has integrated into the picturesque historic core of Tulln without disturbing the overall character of the town. It is playing a vital role in livening up the city centre.

Retail area: approx. 16,000 m²

  • Business areas: approx. 55
  • Parking spaces: in the underground car park on Tullner Hauptplatz

The Rosenarcade in Tulln, an inner city shopping centre built by IG, was opened in May 2008. In next to no time, it developed into the "second living room" of the people of Tulln - within five months, the millionth visitor was welcomed to the Rosenarcade.

In addition to its inviting, light-flooded architecture, it boasts an attractive mix of shops with popular brands and various gastronomic businesses. Approximately 55 shops are selling their wares here.

The majority of the people of Tulln voted for a redevelopment of Hauptplatz and for the construction of a central underground car-park. In the course of an EU-wide call for tenders, the IG Group was commissioned with building and running the car park with more than 350 parking spaces. Building work commenced in January 2009 and ended in November of the same year.

I'm flourishing!
The Rosenarcade combines inner city structure with modern shopping and gives Tulln and Hauptplatz an important economical impulse.

BREEAM for Rosenarcade
In 2014 Rosenarcade got the BREEAM certificate for sustainability. In 2017 it was recertified successfully.