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Percostraße is located in Vienna's 22nd municipal district in the middle of an industrial estate. It offers plenty of space for storage and offices.

Offices and storage spaces

Area available for letting: approx. 4,600 m²

  • Storage spaces: 5
  • Offices: 2
  • Parking spaces: 22

The name of the street harks back to Perco Rudolfo. The lawyer and architect studied under Otto Wagner at the federal vocational school between 1908 and 1910. He mainly worked in residential building and managed the Perco building society. He is predominantly known for having designed the "Fürstenhof" on Praterstraße, the large tenement block on Friedrich-Engelsplatz and a number of schools. Towards the end of the 1980s, architect Nader Tadayyon Gilani designed a massive, two-storied office building on Percostraße 15. Subsequently a multipurpose warehouse was constructed, complete with foreman's office, work rooms and storage spaces. In addition, access to important infrastructure is available. Located in direct proximity to the B 302, B 8 and B 229, the north is within easy reach. But the south-east bypass and the A 2 motorway are not far away either. Percostraße can also be reached by public transport, either by city train or bus.