From Summerstage to the Danube Canal

The three-storied building on D'Orsaygasse 4 convinces with its prominent location in the 9th municipal district.

Flats and offices

Area available for letting: approx. 1,000 m²

  • Flats: 14
  • Offices: 2

The wealthy aristocrat Dominika Countess Grimaud D'Orsay is the namesake of this street. Located at the heart of Rossau in the 9th municipal district it connects the streets Pramer- and Seegasse. As part of the Baroque boom and after the Alserbach stream was controlled, a number of country manors were built in the Alsergrund. To this day, the magnificent Palais Liechtenstein or the Palais Dietrichstein, which now houses the Institut Français, are cause for wonder and admiration.

In 1847, after the D'Orsay land was divided up, a building designed by the owner and architect Carl May was erected at number 4: a simple, classical, three-storied building. The ground floor was initially home to two leather workshops which were, however, soon converted into offices.

The loft conversion in 1997, during which the property was extended by several quality residential units, offered an ideal opportunity to refurbish the entire building. The building on D'Orsaygasse is one of several new properties in the 9th municipal district for IG Immobilien.

Its proximity to the centre makes this part of Vienna ideal for flats and offices. Trams, buses, city trains and the underground, all departing from the nearby Franz-Josef Station, offer frequent connections to most destinations within Vienna.

The property lies at the heart of the city but is nonetheless surrounded by greenery. The beautiful promenade along the Danube Canal is an inviting place to go running, cycling or to simply be and wind down. In summer, the pubs and restaurants along the "Summerstage" make for the perfect venue for ending the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

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