The first ever hotel project by IG Immobilien is located in Ausstellungsstraße 40. The five-storey hotel with 359 rooms is run by the German Motel One Group. It is the first Hotel that received a sustainability certificate from ÖGNI (Austrian Society for sustainable real estate Management).

Mixed use and hotel

Area available for letting: approx. 8,900 m²

  • Hotel: 1
  • Kindergarten: 1
  • Club house: 1

The IG Immobilien Group erected a five-storey hotel with 359 rooms on the plot of Ausstellungsstraße 40. The German Motel One Group then put it into operation in December 2013. Construction started in June 2012, and the building was completed in November 2013.

Since December 2013, the five-storied hotel offers 359 rooms. A Kindergarten with separate access to the garden is situated on the ground floor. The Kindergarten is designed to accommodate more than 140 children. In addition, the CBMF (Club der behinderten Menschen und ihrer Freunde - club of disabled people and their friends) has settled here.

Architecturally speaking, the house is marked by light and friendly ground floor areas and arcades along Ausstellungsstraße, thereby livening up the street between Prater and the trade fair venue Messe Wien. The Motel One Wien-Prater by the IG Immobilien Group is the first ever hotel project that received a sustainability certificate from the ÖGNI (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft - Austrian society for sustainable real estate management). The building scored highly with its quality of location, the quality of design and urban planning, the careful handling of resources and its low energy consumption.

The immediate proximity to Messe Wien and public transport - the underground station "Messe-Prater" is just round the corner - make this IG location perfect for both business people and tourists. The quarter gains additional appeal thanks to the kindergarten and a social establishment, namely the club house of the CBMF.

For IG Immobilien, the Motel One Wien-Prater is the first hotel project in its history. While broadening its portfolio, the IG Group always aims to develop truly innovative buildings that make the best of the location and serve the prospective users best. This ensures the real estate will be a success and will also create added value.

With the German hotel management company Motel One Group, the IG Group has won the market leader in this field. The internationally active group runs successful low-budget design hotels.