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Designed by architect Johann Mayr in 1878, the house in Hohenstaufengasse 7 features a stunning facade. This, like the core of the building, has been preserved to this day. Today, the house is home to modern office and retail spaces as well as premium housing units.

Flats, offices and business areas

Area available for letting: approx. 4,070 m²

  • Flats: 15
  • Offices: 7
  • Retail areas: 4
  • City Apartments (temporary living): 4

The name of the street, "Hohenstaufengasse", goes back to the eponymous princely house. Back in the day, the plot of today's Hohenstaufengasse 7 belonged to the Schottenstift abbey. During the Siege of Vienna in 1529, artillery was positioned here, which played a vital role in expelling the Turks. The nearby Salzburger Hof was converted into an armoury in the 16th century. In 1584, the extended area was turned into the two armouries Kaiserliches Zeughaus and Oberes Arsenal. Both had to make way in 1855 as part of the city expansion. This is the era in which the house on Hohenstaufengasse 7 was erected.

In 2000, simultaneously to the loft conversion, the house received a complete overhaul by IG Immobilien. The loft now houses four luxury residential units. The newly installed glass lift goes all the way up to the former garret though the beautiful stairwell. Each loft maisonette (160 - 210 m²) is equipped with top-quality furnishings. Thanks to its south-easterly location, the building enjoys an exceptional number of sunshine hours. An integrated air conditioner keeps the place pleasantly cool in summer. The roof terraces offer a breathtaking view.

For added security, all flats are equipped with an alarm system.

The property is located at the heart of Vienna and is detached on three sides, making it look especially stately. Its ideal connection to the public transport network and an excellent infrastructure are an added bonus. Thanks to its top location in the heart of Vienna and its proximity to the Juridicum and the University of Vienna, the building is especially popular with office tenants and fans of the 1st municipal district.

2017 two apartments and the facade were totally refurbished. 
There are 3 city apartments available. More Information: 

Film: Real estate in 1010 Vienna

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