Historic charm meets modern comfort

Fleischmarkt (meat market) was the oldest marketplace in Vienna and home to the city's butchers. House no. 18 has been repeatedly and lovingly refurbished and is today used as a residential, business and office building. IG City apartments available as well.

Flats, offices and business areas

Area available for letting: approx. 4,200 m²

  • Flats: 39
  • Offices: 5
  • Retail areas: 2
  • IG City Apartments

In 1793, the Greek merchant Christof Nako bought the "Nako'sche Haus" at no. 18 and converted the original two buildings into one single block of flats. The original core of the house is still intact today, as is the inscription above the third floor, which dates back to the 18th century. "Vergänglich ist dies Haus, doch Josephs Nachruhm nie, er gab uns Toleranz, Unsterblichkeit gab sie!" ("This house may not last forever, but Joseph's posthumous reputation will; he gave us tolerance, in return he received immortality!"). These words commemorate the Patent of Tolerance issued in 1781 by Emperor Joseph II. of Austria, which granted non-Catholic Christians to practise their faith.

This jewel of Josephinist architecture has been under monument protection since 1974. But this is not the only reason why the general redevelopment and loft conversion in 1996 was undertaken with the utmost care. For IG Immobilien, preserving such historic buildings takes an especially high priority, because they are witnesses of a past era and can tell stories of long forgotten days. In short, they are an essential part of the city's history. The "Toleranzhaus" (tolerance house) boasts a typical Viennese feature in the inner courtyard: the Pawlatsch alleys. These are additional alley constructions along the courtyard side of the house, via which the individual flats can be accessed.

In 2014, 4 of the flats were completely refurbished. They are now equipped with quality, state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms with level access showers.

Since 2019 there is also an IG City Apartment available. More information: www.ig-city-apartments.com 

The property's dream location right at the heart of Vienna is worth a special mention: here, many of the major public transport connections intersect (station Schwedenplatz, station Stephansplatz). In addition, the local infrastructure is excellent, and the direct vicinity offers a huge range of possibilities.

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