1010 Vienna, Hohenstaufengasse 7

Top 16 (Flat)

Cost Details
Monthly Costs €/m² VAT % NET PRE-TAX
Rent 13,30 10 2.331,02 2.564,12
Operating Costs * 1,60 10 267,42 294,16
Heating Costs ** 0,40 20 66,68 80,02
Hot water costs 0,20 10 33,34 36,67
Total 15,50 - 2.698,46 2.974,97

*)The operating costs are advance payments. The amount of these costs may change after the rendering of the annual accounts.

**) Heating costs are invoiced according to consumption or per square metre depending on the type of object at the end of each year and are included in the total costs as prepayment.

One-time costs
Deposit 17.849,82
Commission 3.091,28
One-Off Payment no one-off payment

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