More than 90 percent top ratings from the tenants surveyed

In the spring of 2017, the tenants of IG Immobilien had the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their rental property. During a survey conducted by the independent market research institute ‘marketmind’, tenants were able to evaluate the location, fittings and state of the property as well as the quality of service and support provided by IG Immobilien. 490 tenants from 18 residential, office, retail and commercial properties were interviewed. The result: Since 2014, the overall satisfaction has increased in all property categories - in 2017, more than 90 percent of the interviewees gave the top ratings 1 or 2.

‘As a leading Full Service Provider, we specialise in high-quality rental properties. In order to best meet the high demands of our tenants in this segment, we constantly optimise and refurbish our properties. We also learn from regular surveys whether the people who live and work in our properties really feel at home and satisfied. This is the best way for us to identify potential room for improvement. Such results are the basis for concrete optimisation measures’, say Ing. Hermann Klein and Karin Assem-Honsik, the managing directors of IG Immobilien.

Attractive buildings in top condition

The tenant survey confirms: Location, furnishings and the high quality of living are the convincing factors. Also, the good public transport infrastructure, the shopping amenities and the safety factors are highly appreciated. In addition to the very high overall satisfaction of the IG Immobilien tenants, more than 90 percent of the properties were awarded a top rating. With an average score of 1.68, the services provided in and around the real estate - for example, snow clearing, green area maintenance and cleanliness in the house - received a very good rating. However, also the architecture and the house interiors of IG Immobilien properties appeal to the tenants - with scores of 1.8 the results in these areas are very high.

High level of service orientation and friendly team

The range of services offered to the tenants of IG Immobilien is extensive and is gladly utilised. Approximately 57 percent of the interviewees stated that they have already used the free IG Service Hotline. The employees they have contacted are described as being friendly (1.3), helpful, committed and reliable (1.5), and also their ability to demonstrate competence was rated as 1.5, i.e. a very good testimony. 82 per cent of interviewees felt that their concerns were addressed ‘very good’ and ‘good’. The employees of the real estate administration also received similar good ratings. Tenants from properties with a Concierge Service appreciate this personal point of contact in the house to a high degree and rated this service with 1.5.

Pleasing results with future potential

‘The results of the tenant survey confirm that our tenants are very satisfied with our properties and our services - we are happy to hear this. In some cases, individual points related to the respective property were mentioned, which we can continue to optimise. We take this feedback very seriously and will ensure that the requests of our tenants are addressed promptly’, summarises the Managing Director Ing. Hermann Klein.

87 percent of interviewees would recommend IG Immobilien to other prospective tenants, which at the end of the day, demonstrates how satisfied the tenants are with the range of services offered by their lessor.

The project ‘GARTENPARK am kleinen Anninger’ in Mödling, is a prime example of high residential and living quality - the entire complex was fully rented within 6 months after opening. Copyright: IG Immobilien / August Lechner
IG Immobilien put into effect a living concept in the ‘OrchideenPark’ complex in Vienna Döbling, in which the residents, for example, share an outdoor pool and a fitness studio with a sauna landscape. This is well received and ensures top ratings by the tenants. Copyright: IG Immobilien / Sven Posch
A model apartment of IG Immobilien located at Hohenstaufengasse 7 in Vienna. In 2016, IG Immobilien invested extensively in the existing portfolio; in the latest tenant survey, top ratings were awarded for these efforts. Copyright: IG Immobilien / August Lechner | Home Staging of model apartment:
A model apartment in the ‘Campus Lodge’ near the Viennese Prater in Vienna. IG Immobilien takes the changing needs of future tenants into account by conducting regular surveys. Copyright: IG Immobilien / Philipp Derganz | Home Staging of model apartment: