In autumn 2018, after just twelve months, IG Immobilien, leading player in constructing, running and maintaining properties, was able to successfully complete the comprehensive refurbishment of the listed building on Obersteingasse 20-22. The property, which has been housing the Döbling district court since 1991, was lovingly restored and now offers a modern work space in a historic environment.

Vienna’s 19th district has a rich history – eminent figures from the worlds of science, art and culture worked here, and the area is studded with impressive buildings and beautiful gardens. The property on Obersteingasse 20-22, which IG Immobilien purchased in 1994, can also look back on a thrilling history. At the end of the 18th century, the mansion was built as a private country home, later to be known as “Lenau-Schlössl”. Since 1991, the historic building has been home to the Döbling district court, and over the past 12 months, it was comprehensively refurbished by IG Immobilien. “The building on Obersteingasse has, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating histories of any of the buildings in our portfolio. It is one of the very few examples of Austrian classicism still intact in Vienna today, and it is located in an especially beautiful garden,” says Hermann Klein, manager at IG Immobilien. “The time had come for us to comprehensively refurbish the listed building so as to be able to continue to keep it in prime condition. Works to restore the splendour of the unique mansion continued for a whole year, and now we were able to complete the refurbishment on schedule.”

Elaborate restoration work

In autumn 2017, IG Immobilien started with the comprehensive restoration work. This included removing the old plastered facade and replacing it with a new lime facade. The existing box windows were fitted with a special additional layer of glass, and the somewhat weathered natural stone base was replaced in an elaborate 2-step process. Substantial work was also undertaken on the damp outer and inner walls and leaking parts of the roof. To preserve the individual character of the building as best as possible, decorative cornice elements were also restored. In order to meet the monument preservation guidelines, every renovation step was discussed with the restorer and the Federal Monuments Office. The garden also needed a few changes. Some of the very old trees standing too close to the building were removed and replaced with large-leaved lime and European hornbeam in a more sensible distance from the mansion.

A result well worth seeing

© August Lechner

Completing the comprehensive refurbishment during day-to-day business was a challenge for everyone involved and made good planning essential, especially since we had to take the needs of Döbling district court into account. But the result is impressive: today, the building is shining in new splendour without having lost any of its historic charm or its unique architecture. Dr. Barbara Helige, head of Döbling district court, is glad about the new and productive work atmosphere. “The comprehensive refurbishment is a resounding success. Everyone working here is extremely pleased with the results, especially with the improved windows. They finally shut properly again and keep out noise and draughts. The building is back to its former glory. We can finally understand, why the building used to be called “Lenau-Schlössl” (Lenau Palace).”