On April 20th, a visit to the 'Neue Mittelschule' in the 'Oberen Augartenstraße' was paid by the managing directors of IG Immobilien, where also a donation cheque was handed over to Director Peter Jirovec. For several years, the company has been committed to the educational institution in 'Leopoldstadt' and consequently makes an important contribution to the implementation of significant school projects.

Sport, language and project weeks promote social learning in schools and are also an integral part of the school program of the 'Neuen Mittelschule Obere Augartenstraße 38'. On April 20th, 2018, the managing directors of IG Immobilien Hermann Klein and Mag. Karin Assem-Honsik - in the presence of District Commissioner Ursula Lichtenegger and NMS Director Peter Jirovec - presented a donation cheque amounting to 3,000 Euros to enable all pupils of all the nine classes to participate in the team building activities designed to strengthen the sense of community. 'We are always happy to help when our support for projects in the district is urgently required and those affected can benefit directly from it - the school located in 'Augartenstraße 38' fulfils both purposes affirms Hermann Klein, Managing Director IG Immobilien.

(from the left) Karin Assem-Honsik, NMS-Director Peter Jirovec, Hermann Klein and District Commissioner Ursula Lichtenegger at the cheque handover presentation for the support of school projects. Picture credits: Ludwig Schedl

Eager anticipation

'During the school year, the project weeks are a real highlight, which everyone looks forward to. The days spent together make education and knowledge somehow tangible and strengthen social skills - which is why all pupils should be able to participate in such projects. However, this is not possible without financial support. Companies like IG Immobilien help us to ensure that the cost of popular excursions does not spoil the fun for lower income families and their children,' says Peter Jirovec, NMS Director. A total of approximately 170 children attend the school events, of which approx. 30 children will receive direct donations in order to be able to participate. All families, however, will benefit from the support due to the falling costs with increasing number of participants. The first activities already commenced in April: Excursions include Passail, Radstadt and Teichalm.