On 30 January, the twelfth IMMY awards of the prestigious Vienna Chamber of Commerce were given out. IG Directors Karin Assem-Hosnik and Hermann Klein received a silver IMMY for maintaining particularly high standards of quality in the company.

For the twelfth time, around 200 Viennese companies underwent quality checks by the Viennese Chamber of Commerce specialists for real estate and asset trustees. Every year, the specialists highlight with the coveted industry award those companies who stand out for arranging real estate through particularly high standards of service and quality.

Coveted prize awarded in Vienna

As a leading supplier for the construction, running and maintenance of real estate, IG Immobilien was one of the award winners, and on Tuesday at the IMMY gala event took a Silver IMMY. IG Immobilien Directors Karin Assem-Honsik and Herman Klein are thrilled about the award: "The IMMY is regarded as an industry 'mark of quality'. The services of those taking part are put through their paces over a number of stages by mystery shoppers and a specialist jury. Our agents were able to pass this quality check with flying colours. We are proud of being among the best in the industry and being able to accept this award on behalf of our team.

Agents of the highest quality in the industry were recognised at the award ceremony in Vienna Picture credits: Roland Rudolph

"The IMMY as an industry 'mark of quality'

The IMMY acts as the number one quality guidelines for any housebuyer looking for the right agent. Factors such as 'comprehensive client guidance', 'continual further training', 'uncomplicated appointment arrangement' or 'quick processing of queries' are only some of the points on which agents must insist. Michael Pisecky, head of the specialist real estate and asset trustee group at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce: "From the point of view of agents and managers, the IMMY is an important tool for checking and, where required, improving ones own standard of quality. The IMMY represents a level of quality for both clients and employees, and this has a positive effect on the entire Viennese real estate sector."

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