Improving educational opportunities for young people in Vienna’s district of Leopoldstadt is a major concern of IG Immobilien. In addition to supporting various initiatives, the company is currently covering the costs for two so-called “Hamet Cases”. The cases contain tools for determining the youths’ individual skills and talents, which should make it easier for them to choose their career path. The cases can be used at the special education centres at Leopoldsgasse 3 and Holzhausergasse 5-7.

(from left to right): Rupert Corazza (School Inspector for Inclusion in Vienna), Regine Gratzl (Director of the Special Educational Centre Holzhausergasse), Markus Pusnik (Director of the Special Education Centre Leopoldsgasse), Ursula Lichtenegger (District Mayor of Vienna Leopoldstadt), Christine Drexler (University College of Teacher Education Vienna), Hermann Klein (Managing Director at IG Immobilien), Verena Lieser (Integration Advice Centre of the School Board for Vienna), Regina Grubich-Müller (District School Inspector) and Leo Orsolits (University College of Teacher Education Vienna). Picture credits: Ludwig Schedl

“Young people need to decide at an early age which career they would like to pursue once they graduate. Many students have difficulties navigating the vast range of options. Career choices are best made on the basis of individual skills and talents – in order to arrive at a decision, these talents need to be identified first,” explains Hermann Klein, manager at IG Immobilien. “With the “Hamet Case”, students have a modern tool at their disposal that gives some indication of their personal suitability for certain careers. We wholeheartedly support this scientifically sound decision-making aid kit for young people, because embarking on a suitable career path is crucial for a successful future.”

With the financial support provided by IG Immobilien, the district mayor of Leopoldstadt, Ursula Lichtenegger, can finally address one of her major concerns: “The middle schools in the district already have a Hamet Case each. But together with IG Immobilien, we can now extend the offer to the special education centres on Leopoldsgasse and Holzhausergasse. From now on, the students there can also benefit from bespoke, future-oriented advice on their career paths.”

The Hamet Case

The Hamet Case is a modern tool for teachers to identify the strengths and talents of 7th grade students. It was developed by the University College of Teacher Education Vienna and is used for giving careers advice. One case costs approx. EUR 1,000, meaning that schools are generally reliant on support from sponsors to acquire one.