Since 2012, IG Immobilien has campaigned for climate protection as Climate Alliance partner. IG Immobilien’s two shopping centres, City Center Amstetten and Rosenarcade Tulln, are also part of the renowned communal network. In autumn 2018, the activities by IG Immobilien were evaluated and marked highly. Sustainability measures for the future were also defined.

Climate protection needs local initiatives and global alliances. Professed goal of the Climate Alliance members – meanwhile approx. 1,700 communities in 26 European countries – is to reduce the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases throughout Europe and to further the implementation of local climate protection measures. “Sustainability – alongside fundamental economic business factors – is one of our core values. We think holistically and always consider ecological aspects, environmental compatibility and ethical criteria. As dedicated Climate Alliance partners, we are proud of the positive evaluation results and will continue to be an active part of this worthy global network,” explains Hermann Klein, manager at IG Immobilien.

Optimisations in many areas

The projects and offers by the Climate Alliance Austria are to lead to regional and sustainable climate protection measures – true to the guiding principle of “think globally, act locally”. In the case of IG Immobilien, this includes measures such as exclusively using electricity from renewable sources, district heating, constant electricity consumption analyses and energy saving measures such as energy-efficient devices, LED lighting, timer switches and motion sensors. Mobility has also been optimised in accordance with ecological criteria: these days, our fleet of vehicles is smaller and consists of smaller cars. In addition, we have company-own e-bike for our employees. In the city, we predominantly use public transport, and messages are delivered by bicycle couriers. We also take care not to use tropical timber when furnishing our properties, and we have successfully reduced our use of paper by sending out electronic invoices and using an electronic document management system.

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Active throughout the region

The Climate Alliance of European Cities is headed by an international board, but also has additional national and regional coordination centres. Active members of the Lower Austrian Climate Alliance include the shopping centres City Center Amstetten and Rosenarcade Tulln, both part of the IG Immobilien group. As part of the latest evaluation, both centres were commended for their commitment – for instance, charging stations for electric cars are now in place, and the emergency lighting has been changed to LED. And the aims for the coming months and years have already been defined: “We have already invested a lot into making our shopping centres more sustainable, but we’ve also got plans for future improvements. We are aiming to implement measures at the upcoming team training regarding office equipment for the centre management and regarding mobility,” the two centre managers Katharina Gferer and Hannes Grubner explain.