IG Immobilien, leading player in constructing, running and maintaining properties, has always been a quality pioneer: for the past 20 years, the company has been meeting the internationally recognised quality security standard ISO 9001. Now, the company has also undergone the certification process for the ISO standard 27001, proving exemplary information security.

The quality management system ISO 9001, to which IG Immobilien has been adhering since 1999, covers project setup, company management and management of real estate. With the additional ISO 27001 standard, an internationally established and respected standard for information security, the company is now expanding on the existing system. “We have decided early on to have our company certified in accordance with the ISO standards, because independent assessments and regular evaluations help us optimise all our processes. For our customers and partners, the certificates mean that they can rely on quality tried and tested by experts.  Over the past few months, we have upped our information security and, with the newly acquired ISO 27001 standard, we are now the first company in our sector proven to be well-covered in this important area,” explains Hermann Klein, managing director of IG Immobilien.

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IT without security gaps

The ISO 27001 standard is about the introduction and documentation of a controllable and auditable information security management system (ISMS) that, together with more than 130 security measures, leads to a gradual and ongoing system improvement and thus to optimum data protection. In addition to technical IT security, the ISO 27001 standard also includes organisational, personnel and physical aspects and considers all areas – from the work environment to the data centre – that can lead to security gaps. “Regular virus attacks and cases of industrial espionage show that we need comprehensive and cutting-edge measures to best protect confidential corporate information and sensitive data.” The standardised information security management system ISO 27001 ensures we are technically and organisationally up-to-date and ideally equipped. IG Immobilien can be proud of the achieved result.  It takes a lot of dedication and the commitment of all employees to internalise and realise the new guidelines,” agrees Robert Jamnik, auditor of the certification partner CIS, who accompanied IG Immobilien throughout the process.

Certification in two steps

The ISO 27001 standard with its corresponding practical guideline enables companies to implement, measure, control and internally audit the required information security. IG Immobilien has set up its own ISO team for the complex certification process: Tina Türke and Franz Grill are mainly responsible for the implementation. “Integrating the ISO 27001 standard into our quality management system has been a very rewarding process that will benefit us greatly in the future.  The structured setup of the information security management system (ISMS) helps us avoid problems that can occur through the implementation of individual measures and allows us to systematically evaluate and minimise security gaps in the future.” After the information management system set up by IG Immobilien was approved by the independent accrediting organisation CIS, the certification process was successfully completed at the end of October 2018, and IG Immobilien now holds the ISO 27001 certificate.