On 9 May, the management of IG Immobilien visited the school Neue Mittelschule on Obere Augartenstraße in Vienna’s second district. The company supports pupils from families with limited financial resources, enabling them to participate in project weeks or school trips. IG Immobilien has been committed to this cause for several years now. A 2,500-euro donation cheque was presented to the headmistress, Barbara Falkinger, and the head of the parents’ association, Zivadinka Paunovic.

“Thanks to the support by IG Immobilien, pupils with limited financial means can participate in important projects and project weeks. Our programmes include culture, art, nature and sports offers. Social learning is at the heart of everything, and team competitions, multi-day trips and projects are things our pupils will remember forever. IG Immobilien helps us to ensure that the costs do not become an issue for low-income families and their children,” explains headmistress Barbara Falkinger.

(from left to right): Zivadinka Paunovic from the parents’ association, Hermann Klein, Sabine Zwierschitz, headmistress Barbara Falkinger, Isabella Weiss from the parents’ association and pupils of Augartenschule at the cheque presentation © Ludwig Schedl

Promoting social interaction

A total of around 150 young people will take part in the multi-day school events in 2019, many of them needing financial support. Since costs drop when the number of participants increases, not just individuals, but all families in a class community benefit from the support. Projects planned for 2019 include project days in Bad Aussee, Großschönau and on Teichalm as well as cultural trips to Salzburg and London, all of which also promote social interaction. In addition, 27 girls will compete for their school in the Österreichischer Frauenlauf in Vienna on 26 May, a race exclusively for female participants. “We’re always happy to help with projects where people from the district benefit directly. Supporting education is a matter of the heart for us, and the Augarten School ticks all the boxes,” says Hermann Klein, Managing Director at IG Immobilien.