Every year in June, tens of thousands of households across Austria receive their annual operating costs statement, often with the nasty shock of having to pay extra. Since 2014, IG Immobilien, leading player in the business of constructing, running and maintaining properties in Austria and abroad, has taken a different approach: capped operating costs guarantee cost transparency and planning security.

“In 2014, we were the first company in Austria to cap operating costs for our tenants at ‘Campus Lodge’ in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt. We were true pioneers! So far, our experience with this model, which guarantees full transparency and cost certainty, has been absolutely positive. Which is why we have since capped operating costs in other properties and will also rely on this successful concept in future projects,” says Hermann Klein, Managing Director at IG Immobilien. IG Immobilien has meanwhile also capped operating costs in the rental apartments at “OrchideenPark” in 1190 Vienna, at “GARTENPARK am kleinen Anninger” in Mödling and at the “P13” property on Paulusgasse in Vienna.

In 2014, the IG Immobilien property “Campus Lodge” was the first in Austria to offer tenants capped operating costs. © August Lechner

High satisfaction rate thanks to capping

In this model, the operating costs are included in the rent as a fixed sum. This means that the tenants know exactly what they need to pay each month, giving them the freedom that comes with predictable outgoings. Annual tenant surveys confirmed that this transparent cost structure is very well received. IG Immobilien facilitates this service by integrating all the different areas within the IG Immobilien Group: the know-how from facility management can be used in project planning and building development, while the administration is able to draw conclusions that benefit the tenants and the development of new projects. Companies that take advantage of services offered by IG Immobilien also benefit from this comprehensive knowledge.

Pioneering spirit and the joy of innovation

Success stories such as the one about capping the operating costs show that an innovative spirit pays off in real estate marketing. Over the course of its nearly 30-year history, IG Immobilien has regularly tried out new, customer-friendly and efficiency-enhancing methods – most recently, for example, we introduced videos or virtual tours of apartments and offices up for sale or for rent.